Community Member

As a community member, you will be a part of the conversation. Here we will have in depth, ongoing conversations related to tango. We will talk possibilities, problems, solutions, and more. It is up to your to make the conversation happen.

If this is not enough for you to be a member, I am offering all community members and students a 15-20 minute challenge problem every month. This will usually come in the form of a video and you and a friend or partner can work out together. As you and the rest of the community works on the problem, we will have conversation about how to fix it. You can upload your examples to YouTube as an unlisted video and share with the community your results, problems, and solutions.

Help your fellow tango dancers world wide to try and solve their own problems. Here you are learner, advisor, coach and community member in one. The possibilities are endless.

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How much is a membership?

Membership is just $5/month

Why is there a charge?

Every month I will be sending you a challenge video. The video will be 10-20 minutes with technique and musical variations of a particular video.